Sunday, February 17, 2008

CBS Editing of "Dexter"

Fans of Showtime's Dexter, the first season of which premieres on CBS tonight at 10pm, might be interested in this article from the Los Angeles Times about the process of cutting our favorite series down to size for broadcast TV.

I will miss the freewheeling and skillful profanity, but if new viewers are intrigued enough by the series at least they can check out the DVDs of Dexter Season One for the unexpurgated original version.

Though there's some chatter about the sheer inappropriateness of network TV featuring a series where the protagonist is a serial killer, I'm not sure it's that much worse than CBS' (and other nets) current roster of procedural crime shows which are essentially morgue porn for Middle America. All that, and lame dialogue, too.

Anyway, good luck to Dexter tonight! Even neutered, Dexter rocks!

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