Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And They're Off..American Idol Finalists 2008-The Guys

Tonight heralded the official start of the American Idol season, with the 12 male finalists performing songs from the "60's" in a two hour episode on FOX. As someone who has followed this immensely successful television program from the beginning, it is no longer surprising to see that the most amazing acts are generally saved for the end of the two hour marathon. The last two acts definitely had the most potential for going all the way. Jason Castro, the dreadlocked blond with the guitar, had authenticity and an original sound. But the last act, Michael Johns, who (and who are we fooling here) hails from Georgia but sounds like he's more UK or AU down under, was the only true 4 star performance of the night. A baritone in the Jim Morrison vein this guy actually managed to sing a Doors song and not mess it up. Of course no one will believe me now, but I've been saying since the beginning that the first AI contestant to try pulling off a Lizard King Jim Morrison Mojo would be an absolute winner from day one. Looks like we have a contender here, and I rest my case.
Other interesting acts included long shot David Cook who sang "Happy Together". He's genuine, a true mid-west rocker and has a powerful voice. I hope he makes it. Likewise to Chekeizie the Inglewood California R&B dude who sang one of my all time fav songs "More Today Than Yesterday". Not sure about his red suit, but I love his voice.

Finally, let's all hold hands and agree that Danny Noriega is this year's Sanjaya. Better get used to him folks, the tweens will vote heavy for this one! What is it about 12 year old girls and their grandmothers that love light and fluffy singers so much? They sure can dial fast though, so watch for Danny to score high even though the judges were not wowed.

PS-Please note one new great interactive feature this year. After watching the episodes on FOX, you can download the video of your favorite contender on iTunes. Very cool option. Some of these people won't make it, but they will give unforgettable performances all the same. Now there is a chance to capture those moments on iTunes, if you're interested.

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