Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dexter: Our (Oops, I Mean His) Days Are Numbered

Dear Readers,

Are you bored with our constant fawning and drooling over the magnificence of this program? Are you wondering when we will ever find something...ANYTHING... to complain about with the crazy Dexter show, to end our constant deification of this humble Showtime offering? Sorry, don't hold your breath. It's not going to happen here, not with this episode. Yes it is true; my fellow blogger Lisa and I remain, ever prostrate before the greatness of Dexter. We are Dexter stalkers now. It's probably not healthy. Thank God this latest episode shows signs of things coming to a terrifying end. It will probably be best for all of us.

So what did I love about this week's episode? What didn't I love? From Dexter's final Everglade's shack dispatch of the evil bastard who killed his mother (By the way...anybody notice the highway and surroundings while he drove there? Absolutely realistic, I've been on that road). To the confrontation with Lila the insane Pyromaniac witch..."If you ever come near Rita again...you WILL see the monster..." Oh how we love it when the Dext gets rough!

The bitchy Debra--Lila cat fight comments were sublime. And finally, we have the absolutely horrifying moment, when Sgt Doakes removes the air conditioner in Dexter's apartment and finds (Oh No!) our hero's alphabetically organized collection of microscope slide blood splotches. The end is near.

And yes I continue to obsess about the Agent Lundy and sister Debra dance. It's a little creepy, because he is such a control freak. The spank was nice. I thought I might like to eat whatever fancy thing he was cooking. But here's something...and you heard it here first. I'm having a pre-cog about Agent Lundy. He might be a bad guy too. Extra bad.

Stay tuned fellow Dexter-stalkers! As they say in baseball and the finest horror movies...it ain't over till it's over!


Lisa said...

Amen, sister!

I've been reading lots of Dexter forums at Showtime's site and also IMDB's Dexter entry has many, too. You wouldn't believe--or actually you would--some of the theories out there, both from people who've read the books and have a leg up (perhaps) on some of the goings on, and the rest of us. In terms of Lundy being a bad guy...I saw at least one post putting forth an idea about that...I want to know what specifically you are seeing. I'm not sure I would have picked it up on my own, but in any case Lundy is more than meets the casual eye. Do tell! (Agree about the spank. It worked well for them, didn't it? The sexual dynamic there is odd and unique and kinda touching.) Yes, we are stalkers!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the idea that dex might swing this back around against doax? It would be possible considering the known hatred doax has for dex, and "he's" the one found the only bit of evidence that could tie dex to the murders. And i did pick up on some forshadow in the last episode. with doax storming out of lundy's office uncooperative, and the building "bias" that the department has suspended doax for. oh yea, and the "my father was a butcher" line was priceless. not to mention he broke into dex's apartament....could be a nice way to end the season....doax taking the fall as the "bay harbor butcher"....lol. and i agree.. we are stalkers.

Anonymous said...

I also think that there is more to Lundy than meets the eye. His laughing, post-spank smooch with Deb became all too earnest quite quickly, and, yes, he is quite a control-freak. He definitely wanted her to know who is wearing the pants in their "relationship." But I'd also hope that he really is beginning to care for Deb; maybe he is drawn to damaged people and believes he can fix them. He and Dexter actually have a lot in common, just are maybe using employing different methodology 9and I still think Keith Carradine is smokin' hot...)