Friday, October 5, 2007

Pushing Daisies, Anyone?

Did anybody watch the preem of Pushing Daisies on ABC this past Wednesday? I can see where people will either totally fall in love with this or dismiss it. Part of me liked it a lot, and the other part was rolling my eyes and annoyed at the overly sentimental mushy wash over the whole thing. But on the other hand, the whole life and death thing is fascinating, and the performances by the leads are terrific. Lee Pace, whom you might remember from the interesting HBO movie Soldier's Girl from a few years ago, where he played a transgendered singer whose military boyfriend is killed for being involved with her, is terrific in the lead role.

It has elements of Wonderfalls from several years ago (from same producer), and also has a Big Fish-ish vibe. Again, either you like that or it bugs you. The production was lush, and how, with a plethora of gorgeous special effects and a fairy tale quality that was completely convincing and appropriate. The once-upon-a-time aspect of the show was emphasized by the use of a storyteller narrator; again, could like it, could bug you. Hard to say.

This is obviously a show with a vision, a grand undertaking that at the very least deserves a look and perhaps you will fall head over heels for it. I'm definitely going to catch it again, and I'm rooting for it to work (which it did in the ratings the first week) because it isn't another reality show or a crime drama exploiting fear and mayhem (usually against women) to get ratings. I'm pushing for Pushing Daisies!

(If you missed the show, head on over to the ABC website where you can watch the episode online here, and here's the Pushing Daisies website.)


Jane said...

What I love about Pushing Daisies is it doesn't feel like TV. They must have spent a gazillion dollars and episode. I like the surreal, dreamy quality and the special effects. The lead is very interesting, he could grow on me. I'm still trying to figure out if I can tolerate the life and death touch thing, I don't know how long they could keep that going.

I also like the pie waitress, but why is she so tiny? She's not a midget, is she?

Lisa said...

Hey gal!

That pie gal is Krisin Chenoweth who has done tons of Broadway and is rather diminutive, but not quite THAT small, but does have that look about her!
I agree that this is a big gimmick show and I wonder how long this can last, given the expense, quirkiness, way over-the-topness of the whole production -- will be interesting to follow this. Sure doesn't feel like broadcast TV at all! We shall see, eh?