Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Big Bang Theory on CBS

If you are a nerd or just like laughing at them, the new CBS 8:30p entry The Big Bang Theory might just be for you. The premise: two ultra-geeks find that a completely unattainable, i.e. gorgeous, woman has moved in next door to them, and they immediately try to figure out how to bed her. Or at least one of them does. Not the one in the picture here. He's more the prickly uber-virgin, and he's pretty funny.

At least in the pilot the verbal jousting was clever, liberally peppered with masturbation jokes (which I'm always good with) and the requisite Star Trek reference, plus riffs on computer massive multiplayer games, the space program, digestive ailments, and an assortment of other poindexter-ish plot points. How this might go over on an audience that doesn't perhaps get all the references is another thing, but the banter is played plenty funny and that might smooth over the spots for the clueless. The leads are Jim Parsons (pictured), Johnny Galecki (short, dark and four-eyed), and the luscious Kaley Cuoco, from 8 Simple Rules. A couple of the guys' friends are along for the chase, Simon Helberg as a brainy would-be lothario, and Kunal Nayyar as the brilliant Indian scientist. I guess these guys are all supposed to be working in the real world, though they sound and act more like they're still in school, but emotionally they are, I guess...eternally.

Can they keep up the jam-packed geek cultural references and somehow make a case of blue balls into a whole season of entertainment? I'm a sucker for smart people, even people just pretending to be smart, so I'm in for this one. The characters in this show remind me of a little of the hilarious and brilliant crew of young guys I used to work with, and we went more than a season, so maybe these fellas can do it, too.

The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 8:30pm on CBS. The show website is here.

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