Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real Funny with Bill Maher

I should have given a heads-up on this a while ago, but there is a hilarious Bill Maher special running on HBO right now. Bill Maher: The Decider works on all levels; it's political, it's sexual, it skewers everything that needs skewering. And it's really, really funny. His material works wonderfully here, and pay particular attention to his terrific facial expressions. Plus he's got the perfect level of profanity -- plenty of it! -- and knows when to use it.

Maher's regular live Friday night show Real Time with Bill Maher begins again on August 24th. If you aren't a regular viewer, Maher has three panelists on each week, plus interviews with political newsmakers. I find it's frequently a revelation to see some of his guests, such as Ben Affleck, comes across as informed and passionate about politics. It might be worth watching for that alone. As the race for the '08 election heats up, Real Time with Bill Maher should offer some of the most savage and necessary political commentary around.

But until then, be sure to catch Bill Maher: The Decider. The website for the special is here, as well as the schedule for the remaining plays.

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