Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Soapy Action

I'm not a regular viewer of soap operas, but I've been tipped off by my sister that Soapnet is beginning a new series tonight, a hotter nighttime version of ABC's popular daytimer General Hospital, called Night Shift. Promising "More Drama, More Sex, More Soap, More Story," Night Shift premieres at 11pm Eastern and Western time, unless you're on a satellite system in which case it's 11pm East and 8pm Western. (It also airs on Saturday afternoons at 5pm Eastern and Sunday 7pm Eastern, and you can figure out the other times zones, please.)

I've always been convinced that most do-gooders and ultra-moralists who scream about naughty content on TV don't have a clue how much goes on in daytime soap operas, preferring to believe that the viewers, predominantly women, wouldn't go for provocative content. Far from it, and I think this latest foray sounds like a wonderful idea. Just who exactly is buying all those sensual romance novels, anyway?

I'm going to tune in just to see if they deliver on their promise. It's tough for a non-soap viewer to get up to speed on storylines and so forth, but what the heck, it's not Shakespeare and just give it a go. We all know the envelope that FX has pushed with its dramas like Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, but this Soapnet idea is different, targeting female viewers and giving them credit for wanting more sizzling content. I think they're right.

Lather up!

P.S.: I came across a nice article from an Australian paper from a few years ago, talking about the notion that soap operas are junk because women watch them, and conversely sports are important because men primarly watch. Interesting observation and of course true and not fair. Makes me want to become a soap opera fan. Anyway, check it out here.

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